Etikettarkiv: SMASH*

SMASH*booking: Spring

For you who don’t know what SMASH* is, see here. My short explanation for it would be scrap-booking light.

I spend to much time on youtube and in facebook groups looking at other peoples SMASH*projects. Sometimes I can find myself having spent hours of doing this the same day as I promised myself to not look at any craft projects before [insert something I have to do, like the dishes, or homework, or sleeping]. Well I noticed that Taylor Anne, a youtuber I’ve stumbled across a few times since I became interested i SMASH*booking, is having a giveaway to celebrate reaching 3000 followers. I thought, what the heck, lets try this out. The roles where simple enough, to make something inspired by a picture she made (see picture after this paragraph). I am not a huge fan of pink, and since this picture contained some pink I thought, huh, now I have something to do for one of those pink pages in my SMASH*book. I didn’t decide to use a pink page then, but I did end up using one. The whole project might have gotten a little more pink than I first planned, but that is one of the nice quirks about SMASH*booking, you start a page and you don’t really know what you’re gonna end up with until you finish.

3000 Subscriber giveaway - Taylor Anne

These are my steps of the project:

While looking at the picture Taylor Anne had posted I looked through my small, but growing, supply of SMASH*able things. I tried first to choose colors that went with the picture, but I knew early on that I wanted to use the white flower in the bottom left corner. While picking together supplies that I thought I could use for the project, I slowly decided that my theme for this page would be spring, since well, spring is in the air. These where the supplies I assembled:


I did of course not mean to use all of it, I just wanted the stuff of the right colors at hand so I could choose from them. In this pile you can see some colored pens inspired from the colors in the picture, two birthday cards I got for my latest birthday that had the right colors/feeling for the project, some journaling, tape, tabs, a stamp, paper clips and some other decorations. I especially wanted to do something with the numbers 1-2-3 that I could see in Taylor Anne’s picture. After putting all of this together, I flipped through my SMASH*book to find the right page (mind you, this is my first SMASH*book, this project is my fourth page ever and I have not done anything crafty like this before beginning my SMASH*book, well not since I was a kid at least). As I said before I ended up with a pink one, this is it:


Then I started to work on the page. I decided early on to use one of the birthday cards which had flowers in the right colors, and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to cover up the word ”grattis” (Swedish for ”happy birthday”). But I left the space for my flower that I knew I wanted. And I didn’t take any picture during working of this for two reasons: The first is because my hands where all sticky from glue and colored from pens and ink pads, the second because when I had started I really wanted to get it all out there on the page – I was in the zone.

This is the result, my finished design inspired by Taylor Anne’s 3000 subscriber giveaway:

Spring Design

And here you can see it after I pulled out the journaling card from its pocket and flipped over the painting bear card.

Spring Journaling

Some journaling is blurred on purpose, but I still wanted to show you what it looked like.

I hope you enjoyed the design, and I will cross my fingers for the giveaway. A lot of the stuff in the giveaway kit is not available here in Sweden, so I would be really happy to win. But then again, let the best design win, whoever’s it is.