Hour 9: I’m a Winner?

My brain is all weird and I can’t really make sense of the world. Thought it was time for a break and looked at the clock to see it is just the start of hour 9. I went over to the Dewey’s site and as usual I just read what minichallenges was up, thinking I would participate in some before I start my cheer-leading shift. I almost skipped over the ”winners” part and only looked because I saw a word that was closely familiar to my own name, and yes, there it was! I never thought I would win, but wow that really spurs my motivation to continue for the entire night and next day! (it’s 10 pm here)

Books finished: 0
Books started: 1
Pages read: 133
Total amount of books opened: 2

I’ve read just over 100 pages in Outlander which is a 800 page book, something I did not know when I selected it for the readathon. Had I known I would probably not have picked it, but I’m glad I did since I’ve been enjoying it. After ”part one” in Outlander I decided to go for another read and turned to Insurgent, the book I was reading before this readathon. Since it is a YA the reading feels a little lighter and not so heavy as Outlander which improved my mood, and so far no books finished yet. I will definitely be able to finish Insurgent during the readathon since I only have about 80 pages left or so, but the prospects of finishing Outlander are non-existent. I am a slow reader and 800 pages would take me around 25-30 hours to complete, being alert through all those hours, which I know I will not be at 5 am. Now I will start cheering, and we’ll see what I choose to read at the start of hour 10.

And I still can’t grasp that I won. That is just unrealistic to me on some level…


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