Hour 4: Why did I party last night?

Yesterday I went to a party, and I thought that it would be fine since I wouldn’t have to get up before 1 pm to begin the readathon. I even came home at a reasonable time and went to bed so that I would get more than 10 hours sleep. Well, that didn’t matter. I still was all tired when I woke up, not sleepy, but just ”day after party”-tired. I’ve been trying to cure this tiredness with a lot of food and coke to be able to get some reading done, and it has worked OK, but I have learned my lesson. Next time I will have a nice stay at home evening with some movies or so the night before the readathon.

Books finished: 0
Books started: 1
Pages read: 50
Total amout of books opened: 1

A few pages into Outlander now, and I really like it so far! I’m very happy to see that a lot from the book had been adapted into the TV-series. Some longer quotes actually taken straight in. This makes in great to read, since I don’t get the ”oh, the book is so much better why did I spoil it all with this stupid movie before reading it”-feeling. Which is apparently a feeling. ;)

I’m now looking forward to join the minichallenges that has started so far. I’ve already posted the intro challenge in my previous post, and now I will share my take on the hour 2 and 3 challenges.

Hour 2: Classic Words of Wisdom

I’m not much of a fan for the books people usually refers to as ”the classics”. Of the few I read I have found them boring, and maybe it was the fault of my Swedish teacher in junior high that had the whole class read ”Of Mice and Men”, a book that I really hated. Since then I’ve rarely tried reading something I knew was considered a ”classic” because the only thing I thought was of this terrible experience. The quote above is from a classic that I read without knowing it was one, and I liked it, and it helped me realize that maybe I should give classics a second chance. Not all of them can be ”Of Mice and Men”, right?

I like the quote because it speaks the truth of human nature, the truth of what we will do if left to our lazy selves. We can fight this destruction if we want, and I know that many do, and a lot of people just ”don’t care”. The quote is maybe not the most positive quote, but it tells me that we humans have known for a long time what we are, and still we don’t really try to change that. Why, I wonder.

Hour 3: Seasons in Four Covers

4 seasons covers

The colours in these pictures are the biggest reasons I choose them. For winter the cover has some ice and snow if you look real close, for spring I just felt the surrounding in the cover felt spring-like, for summer the girl is walking in a meadow full of dandelions and for autumn it is only the bright orange, burning colours that made me choose it.

2 reaktion på “Hour 4: Why did I party last night?

  1. Julie L

    Hope you’re waking up as the day goes on (and those stories start spinning round your brain).
    Go #TeamSherlock

    Julie L

  2. Samantha

    I hope you are having lots of fun with the read-a-thon even if you got a late start! I’ve been planning on trying to read Outlander myself but I haven’t found the time yet. Keep up the great work and READ, READ, READ!



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