Hour 10: Minichallenges

Hour 8: Book Spine Poetry

This was a real challenge, since I don’t own that many books in english, just 20 something… and no one with a verb as a title! I manage something though!

The shock
of the old outlander
Real world shock,
beneath the darkening moon

Hour 9: On Food and Books

This is also a hard one, since I’m a danger to myself and everyone around me in the kitchen. Last I cooked there were no casualties, but the three times before that I managed to cut my finger doing guacamole, burn garlic bread in the oven and slam the fridge door on my partners hand. So no recipes of mine should be made without taking proper caution. I remember trying to make butterbeer from Harry Potter once, in the Swedish translation called Honey Beer. It did not turn out drinkable. My cooking is more or less limited to following finished recipes, far away from sharp knives. So that’s why there will be no recipe from me, and I’ll leave this amazing challenge to people that can cook without hurting themselves. :D

Hour 10: Plan a Bookish Party

Since Harry Potter is one of my favourite books I would pick this for a party theme. I actually already had a Harry Potter party once where I requested everyone to dress up as a character from the book. I came as Bellatrix, a role I have since repeated once at Halloween, with a black death eater mark glowing on my white and pale wrist. During this party I did not have much food that was in universe because of cost and time restraints, but were I to do it again I would. First of all I would find a recipe of butterbeer (and try it beforehand) and also I once found this amazing list of Harry Potter inspired cocktails, shots and long drinks, and since I took a one week bartending course in 2013 I would not miss the chance to serve those to my guests! I would serve cauldron cakes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (jelly beans will be sufficient enough), and I would make sure to drape my apartment with the colours of my house (Slytherin). Every guest would of course get their own homemade wand, which I would make from chopsticks and decorade with a glue gun. It’s ok, I’ve seen this done on the internet, I’m positive I will mess up the first 10+ wands.

Since I always LOVE having some games that is centered around clues and such, I would of course have it here as well. For example dividing the guests into teams and having them solve puzzles, such as crosswords, anagrams and the likes, to know where to go next. Of course this would center around Harry Potter-knowledge with questions such as ”which spell creates water?” or ”name all horcruxes in the order they where destroyed”.


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