Coming Up: Next April Readathon

That’s right. Last year I participated in Dewey’s readathon in April. Yet again I missed the October one, but I’m not going to cry over that but instead start preparing myself for April 27. If the start time is the same as in October I will start reading at 8 pm (reading from Beijing, China) and keep going for, hopefully, the full 24 hours. Well, I guess I will have to be up late that friday night and not go up until 5-6 in the evening on the 27th.

This year I have convinced my boyfriend to join. This because I probably will be the worst company ever for the entire weekend anyways. Plus, most importantly, he has promised to read the Hunger Games series which I recently reread myself and I’m going everyday forcing myself to shut up about the books so I won’t give him any spoilers. I haven’t decided what to read myself just yet. Either I will continue with the books I began last year and haven’t had time to read yet, or I’ll start something new to get a fresh feeling over the readathon rather than dragging along something I no longer remember the beginning of.

Overall: I’m participating in the readathon this April, and I am really looking forward to it!

For my Swedish friends: Your start time should be 2 pm. Please join me on this fantastic event. You can sign up here.



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