Start of Hour 3

I’ve already read over a hundred pages which is impressive for being me, expecially not reading in my native language. Yes, I imagine all my friends snearing, but no English is not my native language and I DO read faster in Swedish. Right now I’m reading A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers, and Z is travelling through Europe, just leaving Berlin for Venice. What I love most about this book is how direct Z is in her language, also that her English is very very lacking, both in grammar and vocabularity. At first this was annoying, but now I appriciate it. It makes the book special.

I was planning on joining the first Mini-Challange for today, which is hosted by Reading Through Life. The  challenge is about translated books, which is something I try to avoid as much as possible. Why I read English books in English and not in Swedish translation. Though, I do not speak all the languages of the world, and one of the books I really appriciated reading was The Story of the Stone: The Golden Days (as it is called in English) by Cao Xueqin. I read it translated to Swedish, it is originally written in Chinese, and yes I would love to read this in its original language. To do that I would have to really understand the Chinese culture, so I think I don’t stand a chance.

When I read this book, I never finished it. It is a very thick book, and I had a lot of schoolwork going on, and all of a sudden I had to give it back to the library. My goal about this book at the moment is to finish reading it in the Swedish translation, hopefully the whole series. But that will be when I come home to Sweden again.

The original title of this book is 红楼梦 (Hong Lou Meng), which is translated Dreams of Red Chambers, which is also the title of the Swedish translation. As this is one of China’s classical books it has a lot of covers. Instead I decided to give you this picture, which is a scene from the book. The following two is the cover of the English translation and the cover of the Swedish translation.


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