Mini-Challenge Update

So, I’m trying to join in some of the mini-challenges that are hosted, but I’ve been reading a lot (which is the main point of this event) and missed out on some of them. That’s why I thought I’d collect some of the mini challenges I’m entering now.

First out is The Hungry Readers challenge: Find a Poem! which is more or less, take some sentences out of the book you’re reading and make a poem out of those. This was my entry (with sentences from Un Lun Dun):

The bird stared at the money
hurried into the dark interior
into the forest
the door closed behind her.

It was warm,
a cross between forest and jungle
a jorest
a fungle
This place isn’t safe.

A new chorus of night began.

To keep money fresh
the bird fluttered away
and as it went, it sang.

The second challenge I thought I’d participate in is Book Journey’s Book Appetit. The challenge is: You invite your friends over to discuss a specific book, and you should serve food to go with that book. I chosed to go with the book I finished earlier, A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers.

I would in Chinese style and serve a lot of dishes to choose from, but as the book take place in England I would go for both some traditional Chinese and vegetarian English cooking (as the British man she falls in love with is vegeratian). I’d go with one or two of the noodle recipies she tells us about in the book, and also some wonton (a kind of dumplings). For the English dishes I would serve vegetarian Shepards Pie, and as a dessert a typical British pie or pudding. I’d make sure I have some of the flowers mentioned in the book, and also decorate with a white table cloth made of paper on which I write some of the English words that she learns, and maybe some of the Chinese ones she mentions.

I also want to join the Book Staging and the Book Sentences challenges, but lack of books and other props might make this very difficult. I’ll see later if I can make them happen. Now I’m of to cheer for half-an-hour or so!

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