Hour 7 and One Book Down

Now I have read for 6 hours, or well, kind of read for 6 hours… mixed with some mini challenging and other stuff. It feels pretty OK, I ordered some food right before hour 5 and sneaked back in to the computer room after closing time. Here in my dorm, they close and lock the computer room at midnight so to be able to spend the night here reading, I had to secretly unlock one door and get back in. I felt so badass, and excited, doing that.

One book down, or well, the second half of it, but it feels nice. Though I decided to save writing the review for later. Now I’m planning on continue my struggle with Un Lun Dun, which I don’t look forward too, but even though it is almost 3 o’clock in the morning I have a lot of energy, so now might be the best time to try it. I bought a lote of coke to keep me awake through this night.

Pages read so far: 188.

En reaktion på “Hour 7 and One Book Down

  1. Alita

    Congrats on finishing your first book! I’m impressed that you’ve managed to stay awake so long… I know I won’t be able to last passed 11pm tonight ;)

    Keep up the great reading!


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