Dewey’s Read-a-Thon

This blog post, and all posts related to this read-a-thon, will follow in English.

Now it’s time for me to sign up for the event of the spring semester, the Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. I was going to do it in October already, but forgot about it, so this time I put the blog in my Google Reader feed. It’s time for signup, and a month from now this epic event will take place.

The Read-a-Thon is 24 hours of just reading books. It starts April 21 at 12pm GMT (which is 14:00 in Sweden, and 20:00 here in Beijing). The plan is to just read and read and read during this time, and you can choose how much you will participate. Also, during this time you can write updates on your blog telling the other readers how you’re doing. You can read more, and sign up, here.

Unfortunally, this happens to be the same week as my dad will be here, and I still don’t know if he’s going home Saturday or Sunday. Will he go home on Saturday my plan is to join for the full 24 hours, but will he go home on Sunday, I’ll have to sleep during the night. I’ll update here when I know how much I can participate.

This is my first time participating, but if any of my friends wants to join, I’ll try answering your questions. And if any old participants have some tips, I’d really appriciate those!

Edit 2012-03-25: So my dad just told me he has do go home already on Friday. That means I’ll participate for the full 24 hours. Also just signed up for cheerleading for the 9th and 17th hour, which for me would be 4 am and 12 pm.

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