Tills dess att jag skriver något långt och fint inlägg om Taizé här kan ni ju läsa vad jag skrev här istället: Taizé (obs på engelska)

Jesus remember me, when you come into you kingdom.

Edit 26/3-08: Eftersom jag tänker ta bort sidan länker ligger på infogar jag det som stod där här:

Taizékors Taizé
a place for thoughts and reflections,
for love and peace,
for calm and silence,
for life to stop for a moment,
and then start living again.

I’ve been in Taizé for almost a week. This was my third time there and I really love the place. There’s a rhythm in the way you live that you seldom can have in an ordinary life. There’s a togetherness between people from different countries and cultures and different view of Christianity who all are in one place to sing praises the Lord. The food is not excellent, the showers often become cold when you showering, if it’s raining everything is covered in mud. Still I want to come back there, the rhythm and the togetherness is more important than non muddy cloths and good food.

Schedule: An Ordinary Day in Taizé:
8.15 Morning prayer
~9.00 Breakfast
10.00 Work/Bible studies
12.20 Midday prayer
~13.00 Lunch
15:15 Work/Bible studies
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Evening prayer
23.30 Sleep

Bible Studies
The bible studies begin with a bible introduction made of one of the brothers. We had a very good, Korean brother whose name I neither know how to spell nor pronounce. We all got paper with the selected part from the bible in our own language with an English translation on the other side. After the introduction we all gathered around in small groups (7-10 people) to discuss the text and answer questions on the sheet. It can be very interesting if you get a talkative and interacting small group.

The times of work is in general the same as the bible studies, but there are some on other times such as making breakfast or dinner for example. All work in Taizé is made by the visitors, from cleaning toilets to cooking food and take down huge tents. The work is in many cases led by a ”permanent” who is a long-staying volunteer.

During prayer you sing songs which are very easy to learn because of their simple lyrics. The songs are in many different of languages, for example French, Latin, English, Spannish, Swedish, German, etc… You also have a reading from the bible and a silence for individual reflections or prayers. Every morning prayer you can recive Eucharist or blessed bread. During songs which repeats themselves the brothers sing prayers.

More information:

Jesus remember me, when you come into your kingdom.


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